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int lv2_dyn_manifest_open ( LV2_Dyn_Manifest_Handle handle,
const LV2_Feature *const *  features 

Function that (re)generates the dynamic manifest.

handle is a pointer to an uninitialized dynamic manifest generator handle.

features is a NULL terminated array of LV2_Feature structs which represent the features the host supports. The dynamic manifest geenrator may refuse to (re)generate the dynamic manifest if required features are not found here (however hosts SHOULD NOT use this as a discovery mechanism, instead of reading the static manifest file). This array must always exist; if a host has no features, it MUST pass a single element array containing NULL.

This function MUST return 0 on success, otherwise a non-zero error code, and the host SHOULD evaluate the result of the operation by examining the returned value, rather than try to interpret the value of handle.

Definition at line 26 of file manifest.c.

Referenced by lv2_dyn_manifest_open().

      static char called = 0;

      if (called)
            return -1;
      called = 1;
      if (!inited)
            descs_ok = _nadssi_lv2api_generate_descs() >= 0;
            inited = 1;

      *handle = NULL;

      if (_nadssi_pluglib_desc_tree == NULL)
            return -1;

      called = 0;

      return 0;

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