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int lv2_dyn_manifest_get_subjects ( LV2_Dyn_Manifest_Handle  handle,
FILE *  fp 

Function that fetches a "list" of subject URIs exposed by the dynamic manifest generator.

handle is the dynamic manifest generator handle.

fp is the FILE * identifying the resource the host has to set up for the dynamic manifest generator. The host MUST pass a writable, empty resource to this function, and the dynamic manifest generator MUST ONLY perform write operations on it at the end of the stream (e.g. use only fprintf(), fwrite() and similar).

The dynamic manifest generator has to fill the resource only with the needed triples to make the host aware of the "objects" it wants to expose. For example, if the library exposes a regular LV2 plugin, it should output only a triple like the following:

<http://www.example.com/plugin/uri> a lv2:Plugin;

This function MUST return 0 on success, otherwise a non-zero error code.

Definition at line 67 of file manifest.c.

References lv2_dyn_manifest_get_subjects().

      if (descs_ok == 0)
            return 0;


      nacore_avl_tree_for_each(_nadssi_pluglib_desc_tree, print_subject,
                         (void *)fp);

      return 0;

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