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uint16_t LV2_Event::type

The type of this event, as a number which represents some URI defining an event type. This value MUST be some value previously returned from a call to the uri_to_id function defined in the LV2 URI map extension (see lv2_uri_map.h). There are special rules which must be followed depending on the type of an event. If the plugin recognizes an event type, the definition of that event type will describe how to interpret the event, and any required behaviour. Otherwise, if the type is 0, this event is a non-POD event and lv2_event_unref MUST be called if the event is 'dropped' (see above). Even if the plugin does not understand an event, it may pass the event through to an output by simply copying (and NOT calling lv2_event_unref). These rules are designed to allow for generic event handling plugins and large non-POD events, but with minimal hassle on simple plugins that "don't care" about these more advanced features.

Definition at line 95 of file event.h.

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