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The type of the time stamps for events in this buffer. As a special exception, '0' always means audio frames and subframes (1/UINT32_MAX'th of a frame) in the sample rate passed to instantiate. INPUTS: The host must set this field to the numeric ID of some URI defining the meaning of the frames/subframes fields of contained events (obtained by the LV2 URI Map uri_to_id function with the URI of this extension as the 'map' argument, see lv2_uri_map.h). The host must never pass a plugin a buffer which uses a stamp type the plugin does not 'understand'. The value of this field must never change, except when connect_port is called on the input port, at which time the host MUST have set the stamp_type field to the value that will be used for all subsequent run calls. OUTPUTS: The plugin may set this to any value that has been returned from uri_to_id with the URI of this extension for a 'map' argument. When connected to a buffer with connect_port, output ports MUST set this field to the type of time stamp they will be writing. On any call to connect_port on an event input port, the plugin may change this field on any output port, it is the responsibility of the host to check if any of these values have changed and act accordingly.

Definition at line 160 of file event.h.

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