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The "bad" NASPRO bridges
This is a collection of -to-LV2 bridges which work fine,
but do not completely support the original APIs.
This release contains two such bridges: a LADSPA (+ LRDF) and a
DSSI one.
The LADSPA bridge supports every feature of LADSPA and LRDF except:
* run_adding() and set_run_adding_gain().
* LRDF factory presets.
The DSSI bridge does not support:
* GUIs;
* MIDI programs;
* maximum number of events per run_synth() - it is 4096, should be
enough in most cases;
* run_synth_adding() - as before;
* run_multiple_synths() and run_multiple_synths_adding() - no
extension to do that and it may also be impossible to support
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